How To Use White Eyeliner To Brighten Your Eyes

We’ve come a long way since applying our makeup at the back of the bus en route to high school and, thanks to that dreaded no makeup policy, we’ve got removing, applying, and reapplying our trusty black eyeliner down to a tee. Now that we’re all grown up (kinda), we’ve realised our makeup education is still ongoing, and discovering the power of white eyeliner is case and point.

Making your eyes appear bolder, bigger, and better than before, white (or nude) eyeliner is your shortcut to an instantly bright-eyed glow up. So, whether you’re looking for a fast fix the morning after a particularly heavy Netflix binging sesh or want to make your daytime look stand out, white eyeliner is officially the way to go.

Keep reading for six tried and tested ways to apply white eyeliner like a pro for a brighter, bolder finish.

Corner To Corner

Apply white eyeliner to the waterline from the inner corner to the outer corner (as you would your black eyeliner) for the ultimate sleepy girl hack to instantly an instantly brighter and bigger eye area. Oh hey, snooze button.

All White Cat Eye

An all-white cat eye is the perfect twist on a classic. To get the look, glide your white eyeliner of choice over your upper lid, flicking towards the outer corner of the eye.

All Over The Lids

For a more dramatic look, apply the white eyeliner to the upper lid as above then fill out with a matching white cream eyeshadow. Margot Robbie, you’ll forever be our liner inspo.

Layer With Colour

Ease yourself into the white eyeliner trend by dualling with black or coloured liner. Start by lining the upper lids with white (twice as thick as you normally would) then applying your second liner on top at half the thickness. For a more dramatic contrast, try applying alternative colours on the upper and lower lash lines.

Just The Corners

If you’re feeling super subtle, opt for some tiny white wings in the outer corners. Leave the rest of the waterline bare or define with black or an alternative colour.

Inner Corners

One of the best ways to maximise the brightening effect is by applying white eyeliner just to the inner corners of the eyes after applying your eyeshadow. This will create the illusion of wider eyes and a fresher finish.