How To Apply Eyeliner Using Tape

Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, applying eyeliner perfectly is a task that even the most experienced beauty lover struggles with. There is always one eye that looks flawless and another that looks like you’ve attempted to apply your liner in the dark. But there is a hack for tidy, slick, and effortless eyeliner, and all you need is humble cosmetic tape. 

Keep scrolling to discover how @neutraltiger applies eyeliner using tape. Trust us, your looks will be stress-free from this point on. 


Prep the lid using By BEAUTY BAY’s Eye Base


Cut a length of Makeup Revolution’s Cosmetics Tape long enough to stretch from ear to ear. 

Hook the tape around the tip of the nose and pull the ends up toward the temples skimming the outer corner of the eye. This will create an even template for the bottom of the winged liner.


Cut two smaller pieces of tape and place on the eyelids. 

With one end of this tape aim to hit the lash line around the centre of the eye, with the other end meet the first piece of tape in the outer corner. This will create a small triangle of blank space to create a wing.


With By BEAUTY BAY’s Crayon Eyeliner in shade Ink, colour in the free space created by the tape. 

This can be as messy as you like, the tape will create the clean lines. 

Tip: You can use any colour eyeliner or eyeshadow to fill this in.


Gently remove the tape to reveal your eyeliner.


Complete the look with mascara or lashes.