A Pro MUA Recommends The Best Setting Spray For Every Skin Type

Summer arrived early this year with a surprise (and longlasting) heatwave, and it looks like the hot weather is going to last. For makeup-lovers, this can only mean one thing – it’s setting spray season. We spoke to Cover FX‘s pro-MUA ambassador, Trevor O’Keefe to get all the details on the brand’s new setting sprays and the best ways to use them for each skin type.  

“Setting sprays are the most convenient way to set your makeup and give skin the overall look you want without having to fuss with powder and highlighter and brushes,” explains Trevor O’Keefe of Cover FX, the makeup brand renowned for their skin-finishing products. “Although of course you can use them in conjunction with setting powders to give even more longevity to your makeup.” 

In a day where performance is everything, the brand wanted every aspect of the sprays to be perfect – they’re free from fragrance, alcohol, and inflammatories (including mineral oil, gluten, talc, and parabens), and the packaging is designed to dispense product with the same super-fine mist that perfume dispensers use – so you get a fine and even spray. 

To get the best results, O’Keefe recommends applying prior products with a brush or a sponge rather than the fingers, “if the fingers are used this will impact the overall performance of the setting spray because the oil on the hands will weaken the finish.” 

Cover FX has a range of four different setting sprays, each with a different finish. O’Keefe says that “Because everybody’s skin is unique and there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’, the four setting sprays will give a different result depending on dosage and what part of the face the product is applied to.”  

But which setting spray will be best for you? To help you find out, we asked O’Keefe to recommend the best ones for each skin type.  

Oily Skin

For oily skin, O’Keefe recommends the Mattifying Setting Spray. “For best results use it with the Mattifying Primer or Blurring Primer.” 

Normal/Dull Skin

“Use the Illuminating Setting Spray if your skin is normal or dull and lacklustre, and use it with the Illuminating Setting Powder” he advises. “This formula contains super-fine mica particles which gives skin a flattering luminosity rather than a harsh strobe look.” 

Dry/Dehydrated Skin

“If you have dry, dehydrated, or mature skin, use the Dewy Finish Setting Spray,” says O’Keefe. “One of my favourite tips is to spray it directly onto a concealer brush and apply it to the high points of the cheeks for full-on but wearable impact.” 

Extra Oily Skin

He recommends the High Performance Setting Spray for those with really oily skin or anyone who struggles to make their makeup last. “It’s especially good for those who need extra longevity – if you’re menopausal, very active, a wedding guest, bridge, or even a clubber.”