These Are My Essential Heatwave Beauty Products

You know the drill: Your weather app has replaced the rain icon with a sun icon and predicts temperatures climbing towards 30 degrees. You’re headed to the beach, planning to sunbathe in the garden, maybe considering a last-minute BBQ, or visiting a rooftop bar, and you’ve got your heatwave-ready outfit planned. But what about when it comes to beauty? Because when temperatures soar and you’re spending time outside, makeup, skincare, and hair requires a whole new game plan. 

Here are eight hardworking heatwave heroes we’re obsessed with and why. 

Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Make It Rain Face Mist

Store the Make It Rain Face Mist in the fridge and it’ll act like a cool shot for your face, quenching your skin’s first with a cocktail of minerals and berries alongside hydration heavyweight glycerin and soothing zinc. The fine mist feels instantly refreshing so is perfect for freshening up during a sweaty day. 

NIOD Survival 20

Sunscreen is an essential every day of the year, but never more so than when you’re spending time outside and the sun’s rays are strong. As well as protecting skin from UV damage with SPF, NIOD Survival 20 is a silky serum is packed with antioxidants that act as a shield to protect skin from pollution and other environmental aggressors. 

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Body Hydrating Serum

We all know that the only safe tan is a fake tan, and while there are hundreds of options to choose from, one of our favourites for 2020 is Isle of Paradise’s Hyglo Body Hydrating Serum. The moisture boosting formula nourishes skin with avocado and coconut oils, and hyaluronic acid, while delivering a natural-looking glow that won’t stain your sheets. 

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

Finding a foundation that won’t melt off the second you step outside is vital to helping your makeup last all day. But also near enough impossible unless it’s been swathed and sealed in with a layer of setting spray. Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray is literally heatproof – the smart formula includes a patented temperature control technology which freezes makeup in place with a breathable web. This draws heat away from skin and retains moisture, so makeup neither melts off or flakes off. 

Kitsch Ice Roller

An ice roller is a handy tool to have around if you struggle in high temperatures. Fresh from the freezer, roll it across your face and neck to instantly bring down your body temperature or soothe heat rash or puffiness. 

Beached Bronzing Drops

If you’re forgoing foundation altogether but still want a little bit of glow and coverage, may we suggest the Beached Bronzing Drops. Mix them with your moisturiser for a super subtle (but buildable) way to add some warmth to your face, without feeling like you’re wearing a mask of makeup. 

Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Primer Stick

Whether you use it as an extra line of heat defense to keep your makeup in place or simply to blur pores and reduce shine, the Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Primer Stick actually cools skin with a refreshing and hydrating blend of aloe vera, witch hazel, and cucumber. 

Amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray

Regular hairspray is no match for extreme heat. Pack Amika’s The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray in your bag to prevent heat-induced frizz and protect the delicate scalp from UV rays. The heat-activated spray protects up to 230 degrees and lasts for over 24 hours.