26 Most-Searched Halloween Makeup Ideas On Instagram

It makes sense that beauty obsessives are really into Halloween – it’s the one day of the year that we can put our most wild ideas and creative techniques to good use. But where to start when it comes to choosing a look? Thanks to innovative beauty launches, Instagram hashtags, and YouTube tutorials, it’s never been easier to find epic inspo for Halloween makeup. 

From a creepy clown to Harley Quinn, these are the most widely searched Halloween makeup looks of the year. 


When in doubt, do cat makeup. Drawing three eyeliner whiskers and a nose is way too boring for 2019. If you want to put a twist on this Halloween classic, recreate Elisa’s look to take your cat look from basic to iconic. 


Devil makeup is sort of basic, but when you go all out it instantly becomes Halloween-worthy. You’ll need lots of red pigment, time, and makeup remover to make this look work, but it’s totally worth it. 


Let’s be honest, clowns are creepy. And perhaps the most famous clown of all, Pennywise? Downright terrifying. Even though this looks like a complex look to DIY, it’s surprisingly simple. 


A witch is a Halloween staple. All you need is a dark eyeshadow palette, black lipstick, and liquid eyeliner to master this look. 


Everyone knows that dolls are creepy. Turning yourself into one? Seriously scary. Draw on Pop Art-style cartoon tears, rosy cheeks, lips, and skinny brows to quickly transform yourself into a spooky doll this Halloween. 


Put your contour brush to good use to add darkness and dimension to your face, and don’t forget to make your skeleton makeup super on-trend for 2019 by adding some neon liner. Bonus points for wearing a UV liner, too. 


For an eye-catching look that allows you to show off your blending skills, replicate Kay’s vampire. What’s not to love about an extended wing, a perfect orange-red ombre, super-size lashes and a truly dark lip? Exactly.  


Nope, this isn’t your average skull makeup. Next level contouring and purple pigment will make this makeup stand out from the rest – it’s the ideal combination of cool and scary and wil carry the look, so you don’t need to worry about what you’re wearing. 


Halloween really is the time to put your makeup skills and creativity to the test. You know what that means: Fake blood, cracked skin, cloudy lenses, and shadowed eyes come together to make the perfect zombie makeup look. 


Don’t feel like riding the bus with a full face of fake blood? If you want a makeup look that you can nod to without being too literal, stick to the eyes. Amandine’s angel look will help you put your blue eyeshadow to good use. 


This dreamy, iridescent makeup will look cute in your pics, but still has the ‘I put loads of effort in’ vibe that you need to hold up at Halloween parties in 2019. And it’s really easy to do too: All you need is a pair of tights, a pink-toned eyeshadow palette, and stick-on face gems. 


You’re going to need a lot of practice, orange makeup, black pigment, and clean eyeshadow brushes to master a pumpkin look this strong on October 31st. 


It’s no joke that spiders are the creepiest – they’re real, after all. You don’t need much to nail this foolproof Halloween look – in fact we’ve got a tutorial for it right here. Just grab a black liquid liner and an orange eyeshadow and you’re good to go. 


Everyone’s obsessed with unicorns, so although it’s not obvious one, it’s no wonder people are searching them for Halloween. If you can’t get enough of rainbow makeup and glitter, this one’s for you.  


Not all Halloween makeup looks have to be gory. This leopard-inspired look will pair perfectly with those cat-eye sunnies you didn’t get enough wear out of last summer. 


If you need a last-minute Halloween idea and can’t decide what to go for – do both. Use eyeliner and eyeshadow to sketch a pumpkin and a bat onto your cheeks, then tie-up the look by adding matching eyeshadow, eyeliner, and standout false lashes


There’s more to this seriously creepy look that just the costume. Use liquid latex, fake blood, and black and red eyeshadows to recreate Michaela’s scarily realistic wounds. 


The only thing you’ll need on top of your regular makeup look to create Waleska’s eyecatching look? Your fingers and fake blood, lots of it. 


This failsafe Halloween look is an easy option because once you’ve done your regular glam, it’s all about the wounds. Use matte black and purple shadows to create bruises, then grab some red lipstick and use it to draw blood straight on top. 


The combo of creepy costume, excellent prop choice, and gory makeup make Victoria’s nurse look super creepy for Halloween. And the best part is, the eyes can be totally up to you. 


Boho vibes meet pirate vibes with this Halloween look. To DIY, use black eyeshadow to create an exaggerated smoky eye, add glitter tears, and thrown on a bandana and some braids. 


How insane is this jester makeup for Halloween? The bright primary colours give it a fun vibe, but the bloody smile and bruised eyes are seriously spooky. 


It’s 2019, so no matter where you go with this makeup, everyone will know who you are. Dress up as one of the most iconic supervillains and take cue from Vanessa’s incredible makeup look.  


Bunny makeup isn’t just for Easter. If gory isn’t your thing, go all out with this cute look by accessorising with a headband and bow tie (carrot optional). 

Harley Quinn

DC Comics fans, this one’s for you. With just four pigments and the right hairstyle, you can look exactly like everyone’s favourite super-villain. There are tonnes of Harley Quinn tutorials out there, but we love Zasia’s Bratz doll spin. 


We’re not gonna lie – this makeup is as time-consuming as it looks (not one to attempt last minute!). If you can devote a few hours (and have a lot of green makeup to hand), you’ll have the coolest Halloween ever.