8 Must-Have Products For SFX Makeup

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be counting down the days to Halloween 2020. Not because you’re a horror film addict or a big trick or treating fan, but because Halloween is the one night of the year when you can really let your creativity run wild. Halloween makeup is the best kind of makeup, especially where SFX is involve. 

SFX makeup, or special effects makeup for the newbies, is the ultimate way to take any Halloween look from good to ghoulish. All you need are a few genius makeup products that will help you effortlessly transform into your Halloween alter ego.  

Makeup Revolution Halloween Ultimate Face Paint Palette

Makeup Revolution never let the side down when it comes to Halloween, and their Halloween Ultimate Face Paint Palette is no different. With 12 creamy face paints (vegan and cruelty free) to help you create all your witchy, devil, or skeleton looks, the palette is a Halloween staple for basically any look. 

Shrine Drop It Hair Dye Kit

What’s Halloween without a funky hair colour? We’re already obsessed with Shrine’s Drop It Hair Dye Kit because we love changing our hair colour depending on our mood, and now we’re even more obsessed because we can seriously up the ante on our costumes. Simply mix with your conditioner and/or mix the shades together for a spectrum of colours. We’re really vibing that Aqua for all those mermaid looks. 

Suva Beauty Hydra Liner Mix Cake

You only have to look at Suva Beauty Hydra Liner Mix Cake and get serious Cruella de Vil inspo. The water-activated liner is perfect for creating clean double eyeliner looks, cat eye flicks with matching whiskers, or skeleton makeup that is going to last. The formula can also be used over the body if you’re going all out this year. 

Makeup Revolution SFX Scar Putty

SFX makeup would be nothing without a good wax putty to create scars and wounds, and again, Makeup Revolution haven’t let us down. The Wax Scar Putty can be easily applied to the face and body to help transform the shape and texture of the skin for movie worthy effects. The ultimate buy if you’re feeling the Maleficent cheek bones this year. 

Mehron Mixing Liquid

Mehron’s Mixing Liquid is the ultimate Halloween buy for transforming your regular makeup into SFX worthy products. The innovative liquid can be used to thin out liquid makeup products to help manipulate application, used to hold glitter in place without the fallout, or can be mixed with powder products such as metallic eyeshadows to create a water-resistant liquid. 

Shrine Iridescent Aura All In One Face Jewels

Halloween SFX makeup looks don’t get any easier or more effective than with Shrine’s range of face jewels. The self-adhesive stickers are perfect if you’re not a dab hand at all the special effects but still want to turn heads this year. We’re loving the Iridescent Aura All In One Face Jewels for the ice queen/mermaid look. 

Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion

If you like to use your Halloween makeup all year round (within reason) then you need to meet DEPIXYM and their Cosmetic Emulsions. The multi-use colours can be used on the face and body, mixed together to create custom colours, and leave a matte, waterproof finish. These handy emulsions can be used as foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and nail varnish. We highly recommend the white (#0004) and black (#0194) for nailing the Wednesday Addams makeup. 

Makeup Revolution SFX Spray Blood

We all know Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a spritzing of fake blood, and that’s why we’ve saved the best until last. Whether you’re going all out this year or just want to make a subtle effort, Makeup Revolution’s SFX Spray Blood should be in your haul. The fake blood can be used on face, body, clothes, and surfaces to create that splatter film effect.