7 Halloween Makeup Essentials For 2020

This year has been a rough ride, making Halloween the perfect time to escape reality, experiment with our makeup looks, and enter the world of magical, scary, and supernatural transformations. Whether a simple cat look is your thing or you go all-out with the SFX and fake blood, we’ve got all the makeup essentials you need to transform yourself this Halloween. So, find some inspo for your look, create your list, and get hauling.

Suva Beauty Hydra Liner Mix Cake

A firm favourite in the BB staff’s makeup bags all year round, Suva Beauty’s Hydrate Liner Mix Cake is a Halloween must-have, no matter what your look. This innovative, water-activated, two colour cake paint can be used all over the body, whether it’s on the eyes as liner, the face as whiskers, or all-out body art.

Shrine Drop It

Halloween isn’t just about the makeup, your hair deserves a makeover too. The latest must-have on the block is Shrine’s Drop It – hair colour drops that can be mixed with conditioner to customise your look. We’re obsessed with the moody purple colour to take your Halloween look to the next level.

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette

From moody and mysterious, to bright and in your face, the Sample Beauty The Cult Palette has it all. Featuring 18 matte and shimmer shades in all the colours you’ll need, this palette is a one-stop for a multitude of Halloween makeovers.

L.A. Girl Volumatic Colour Mascara

If low maintenance is your thing, then you’ll want to try out the L.A. Girl Volumatic Colour Mascara. Just a few coats of this intense colour on the lashes, a few face gems, and you’re good to go.

Unicorn Lashes Condragulations Extra Fierce Lashes

We couldn’t resist a full-on false lash for Halloween. Get eyes that mesmerise with the Unicorn Lashes Condragulations Extra Fierce Lashes. These ultra-fluffy, super long lashes will add a high dose of drama to your dress-up vibe.

LASplash Classic Horror Palette

Inspired by your favourite horror films, the LASplash Classic Horror Palette features 10 butter-soft shadows for you to experiment with. Madness is the perfect witchy green for you to add some sorcery to your look.

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ 8 Color Palette Basic

When it comes to makeup at an expert MUA level, Mehron is the brand to trust. Used backstage for runways and theatres across the globe, the Paradise Makeup AQ 8 Colour Palette is the face and body paint palette that will help you to go all-out this Halloween.